Why a Disney Room Block May Not Be Ideal for Your Wedding

Planning your Disney Fairy Tale Wedding is a captivating journey, but when it comes to accommodations for your guests, you need to know the truth about room blocks. While room blocks are commonly suggested by Disney’s Weddings team, let’s explore why they might not fully embrace the enchantment for every guest, it’s your wedding but your guests are also making a vacation out of their time celebrating with you.  Let’s start…

1. Flexibility to Explore

A Disney Wedding is a magical event, but it’s also an opportunity for your guests to immerse themselves in the entire Disney experience. Some may prefer the freedom to explore various accommodations that allow them to make the most of their Disney vacation.  My suggestion is that you pick 2-3 resort options that keep your guests in the same resorts but offers different accommodation options that work better with their travel needs.

2. Concierge Style Vacationing:

While most guests are happy to just be going to Disney, there are guests who want the flexibility to work with someone who can offer them concierge level planning of their vacation, to make sure everything is handled for them. When they have to book through a room block, they won’t get the concierge planning that they may be accustomed to getting on their vacations.  Having a Fairy Tale Vacation Expert, like me, managing your guests’ vacations, you ensure that you’re not going to play travel agent or tour guide while you’re planning your wedding.  Disney can’t offer that in a room block, or even booking directly so use a Disney Travel Specialist!

3. The Disney Bubble:

While Disney magic is the highlight for many, some guests may have different interests or wish to create their own unique Disney adventure. Forcing guests into a room block might limit their opportunity to explore other aspects of their Disney vacation after your wedding events come to a close. Yes, changing resorts is an option, but who wants to change rooms or resorts mid way through a vacation…especially a Disney vacation!

4. Immerse in the Disney Magic:

By encouraging your guests to explore accommodations outside of a room block, you can help them tap into the full Disney experience. They can stay at a themed resort that fits their family and fully immerse themselves in the Disney Magic.  Some families are Coronado Springs Resort pool people, some want the VIP status of the Grand Floridian, while others may just need a place to sleep and shower so…so give your guests variety and let them choose their own Disney adventure.

5. Embracing the Whole Disney Package:

Your vision for a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding is not just about the wedding but also about the entire Disney Adventure for everyone. Encouraging your guests to book their vacations through a Fairy Tale Vacation Expert, like me, ensures they get the full Disney experience, from the parks to the wedding.  Most people don’t know that rooms booked through a room block are not eligible for adding the dining plan, which most families find a huge benefit from, so any savings they may get will go right back in to the parks via food purchases.  The best way to ensure that everyone has the most magical wedding vacation is to have them book a room/ticket package through a trusted travel advisor!

BONUS TIP: Room blocks may seem great upfront…free nights?? Heck yea, but wait!  …be sure to look at the fine print.  Room blocks come with a lot of restrictions/requirements and if you don’t meet those (or you forget to cancel unused rooms before your deadline), you’ll find yourself paying a hefty bill on any unused rooms in your room block. It’s so common for couples to get into this pickle.  And even if you are the BEST at the details…yeah, I’m talking to you organized people…you can’t always predict if your guests will cancel their trip after your deadline, which can leave you exposed to cover those rooms (or face cancellation fees) as well.  

In conclusion, while planning a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, it’s important to consider the comfort and preferences of your cherished guests. Instead of relying solely on a stressful Disney room block, consider offering them the freedom to choose accommodations that align with their vision of a Disney vacation. By doing so, you ensure that your special day is not just a wedding ceremony but a complete Disney experience, from start to finish.

Need help planning your Disney Wedding or Vacation (honeymoon?), just reach out HERE and schedule a complimentary call with me to find out how I can help you plan a Fairy Tale Wedding!!

Disney images, that are not mine, are used with permission from Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoon.

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