5 Steps Plan A Disney Wedding Without Stressing The Details

Planning a Disney World wedding can seem daunting at first because Disney offers so many venue options!  Couples, that I see online, usually talk about the things that went wrong, the things they were worried about (which really weren’t worth stressing over), or that they were disappointed because they weren’t prepared for plan changes (hello…Florida rain…?).  I’m here to show you that planning a wedding at Disney does not need to be overwhelming!  Let’s look at the things I like to go over with clients when I first start working with them!

The science to planning a wedding at Disney is something you learn but simplifying it comes down to understanding your venue options first.  Let’s look at the number or venues from taken from Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings website:

30 Ceremony Venues

32 Reception Venues

23 Resort Venues

21 Theme Park Venues

16 Indoor Venues

30 Outdoor Venues

With options like these, are you already thinking: “how do we even start planning the ultimate dream wedding…I’m already stressed looking at the number of venues!”  Here are my top 5 tips to simplify the process!

1. Start with a Theme

When you think about a wedding at Disney, what is your vision?  Do you want to have a “Disney Wedding” with characters, obvious attraction decor, and favorite park foods?  Or is your dream to have a “Wedding at Disney” with luxe glamour, nods to your favorite Disney things, and fine dining options. Are you wanting to be In-Park or at a Resort? Do you want multiple celebrations over several days or do you want it all done in one day?  Once you know what this looks like, you can start looking at venues that fit in your Theme.

2. Picking A Venue Location

So let’s now look at the venue location categories I listed above.  Disney offers more outdoor options but it’s good to know what the indoor options are, even if you don’t see yourself getting married indoors.  Florida weather can be unpredictable and sometimes rainy, so I always recommend that clients look at Plan A and Plan B (your rain option)…and depending on where you are in the planning process, even a Plan C for each event you want to host at Disney World.

You will want to decide which locations fit your vision whether it’s Plan A or Plan B…!  I see so many couples (in Facebook groups) complain because they didn’t like their rain option; they assumed they wouldn’t need it and before they know it, the vision they had is now indoors and they think the wedding is ruined.  BUT if you know your options and you can plan your “just in case” scenario, you won’t find yourself disappointed when you do have to use Plan B!

3. Know Your Details

When it comes to a wedding at Disney World, it’s important to face facts…you’re not the only couple getting married in the year…lol. Disney plans over 1200 weddings, and all with a very small wedding team across the brand! Actually, it’s really impressive if you ask me!  Even though Disney is a well oiled machine, when it comes to executing events, they are still humans and things can go wrong.  Usually this happens when couples just assume something will be handled, it’s not in writing, or they simply don’t speak up.  It’s important to know and understand your contracts and agreements and be sure that EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL is included on your BEO (Banquet Event Order) which Disney’s wedding team considers “the Bible” for each wedding. Things that should be included in a BEO, aside from the big and obvious wedding details and timelines, are things like: 

  • The Maid of Honor is allergic to Shellfish and Gluten. 
  • The Father of the Groom doesn’t get along with his ex-wife, don’t sit them together. 
  • Ceremony Staged Exit includes bubble wands for each guest, to be placed on their charis.
  • All [number of] guests will be picked up at 5am for private transportation to Epcot from the Grand Floridian on [date].
  • Bride’s Grandma and Aunt Bea will need their wheelchairs/scooters for Epcot Ceremony on [date] and transportation will need to accommodate for wheelchairs.
  • Bride has a dress change #1 after the Epcot Ceremony using the Morocco pavilion bathroom at [time]. Buffer timeline 15 minutes to accomodate.

You get the idea…no detail is too small to be included!

4. Trust the Pros

When you plan a wedding, one of the most important things to do is to work with vendors you can trust, vendors who have your back!  Disney’s teams are amazing!  But what about the things they don’t do for you as a couple?  While they do try to make you feel like you’re the only couple getting married, we know they just can’t get to know you like a destination wedding planner (like me) or day of coordinator can. Having extra help when planning your wedding will make your planning and day of run so much smoother and you get to focus on you!

5. Why You Need An Expert Guide…

And what about your guests?  Once they have their vacation booked (if they’ve even gone that far), they are on their own to plan their days accordingly.  Do they know they should arrive at least 1-2 days before the first wedding event?  How do they know how many park days they can plan for on their Disney vacation…I mean…your wedding?  And do they know why it is so important that they all book in the same Disney on-site resorts and not stay off property?

Are you already tired of the questions?  Just wait until you’re also planning a wedding! Keeping track of your guests (and their many questions) will leave you stressed, tired, and ready to throw your hands up in frustration. But that’s where I come in…working with me will take all of that off your plate so you can focus your time and energy on planning your ultimate dream wedding…not playing travel agent and tour guide to your guests!  You will get my expert advice, hands on experience, and peace of mind knowing you and your guests will be taken care of!

Want to know more about how a Fairy Tale Wedding Expert can make your wedding planning less stressful?  Book your complimentary phone call with me to talk about your Dream Disney Wedding!  

Already booked your wedding date with Disney?  No worries, I can still step in and guide you through the process and help your guests book their resort packages! Let’s chat!

BONUS: Grab my free guide HERE “5 Secrets Revealed to Planning a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding” for more indepth advice and info!  PLUS a few bonuses and a fun Wedding Quiz for you and your fiance to fill out!

Images courtesy of Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and Fairy Tale Wedding Expert

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